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March 23, 2022 5 min read


Not every individual has the same body size and fitting, so it is essential to pick the right jersey because if you don’t, you will end up picking a too tight or too baggy one for you! For an athlete or even a fan getting the fitting jersey gets even more complex because of the extended size choices available in the market. There are so many types of jerseys; all these fit differently, and choosing one from the vast collection gets quite challenging.


Most of the time, people regret their purchases because they don't know the proper steps of selecting the fitting jersey for themselves. To get that right fit, you should first understand how some measurements work for different jerseys. If you are someone who wants to get the correct size of your jersey, then this guide has all that you need to know. Keep reading to learn more.

Begin By Measuring Your Chest

Get A Measuring Tape

For the first step, you need to fetch a measuring tape. Being made out of a soft and flexible material, this tape can seamlessly measure the sizes of different body parts like the chest, shoulders, and hips.


In case you do not have one handy, you can always substitute it with a thread or a long ribbon to take the measurement. Once you are done measuring with the ribbon or a string, you can use a standard ruler to obtain the sizes in standard measurement metrics.



Wear As Fewer Clothing Layers As You Can

Often we end up wearing thick clothes like sweaters while getting our body measurements taken. However, it is a red flag because these clothing layers can deceive the measurement tape by adding in a few centimeters size. So, it is best to wear lesser or thin layers of clothing in order to obtain precise readings. This can help you get a tailored fit jersey to compliment your body!

Stand Straight, Stay Relaxed

The relaxed state is the best position to get your measurements; this position provides you with the most accurate numbers. Stand straight with your arms relaxed. Remember not to flex your muscles or puff out your chest while taking measurements because the tiniest movement can give you inaccurate numbers on the measuring tape.

Get Someone to Help You Or Do It Yourself

Once you are done with getting a measuring tape, move to the next step. If you are getting the measurements all by yourself, then stand in front of a mirror. However, it is advised to take the help of someone to get the correct measurements.


There are lesser chances of getting the measurements wrong when someone helps you.


Wrap The Tape Around Your Chest

Now, this step provides you with the size of your chest. Tuck the measuring tape so that it rests just beneath your armpits, then encircle the tape all across the broad section of your chest.



Obtain The Measurement

Now that you have successfully measured your chest, you merely have to put down this number. Ask the person assisting you to note the numbers, and if you measured by yourself, glance into the mirror and write down the measurement. Voila! You have crossed the first hurdle successfully.


Different Jerseys And Their Different Methods Of Measurement

The final measurements for hockey jerseys are taken differently compared to football, basketball, and baseball jerseys. Different sports jerseys have other methods of getting the final measurements. Keep reading this guide to check out these different techniques!


To Obtain The Final Measurement For A Hockey Jersey

Since you already have your chest measurements, the rest of the process will become much simpler. All you have to do is take your chest measurement and then add eight more inches, that is, twenty centimeters, to the measurement. This step is simply a basic math addition!


For example, let's assume the number you obtain while measuring your chest is 38 inches. Now, simply add the 8 inches or 20 centimeters depending on the size units you are taking the readings in. You will acquire 46 inches as the sum of the addition.


The last step involves comparing these values to a size chart and obtaining your size. In this case, for 46 inches final measurement, you should pick size S, 48 inches, to obtain a perfectly sized hockey jersey for yourself!


To Obtain The Final Measure For Football, Basketball, And Baseball Jerseys

Calculating the final measurements for football jersey, basketball jersey, and baseball jerseys is a little different from calculating the final size for a hockey jersey. However, do not fret because this one will be a cakewalk for you, just like hockey jerseys’ measurements!  The best part is that all three sports have the same method and calculations. So, think of it like you can hit three birds with one stone!


Take your chest size and add 5 inches at least, that is exactly 12 centimeters, to the chest measure to get the final size.


Here is an example for you to make it a little easier to understand. Again, let's assume that your chest measures 36.2 inches. Since you will have to add five more inches to the chest size, you will obtain a measurement of 41.5 inches. Compare it to the size chart and obtain your size! Remember that these measurements will stay uniform for all three sports- basketball, football, and baseball!

Voila! Wasn’t that hard, right?

Mens' Basketball Jersey Size Chart

Size Back Length Chest
S 31.8'' 42.5''
M 33'' 44''
L 34.2'' 45.5''
XL 35.4'' 48''
XXL 36.6'' 49.5''
XXXL 37.8'' 52.5''

Youth Basketball Jersey Size Chart

Size Back Length Chest
S 22.8'' 34.6''
M 24'' 36.2''
L 25.1'' 37.8''
XL 26.3'' 39.4''
XXL 27.6'' 40.9''

Mens' Baseball Jersey Size Chart

Size Length Chest
S 30.7'' 45.6''
M 31.5'' 47.2''
L 32.3'' 48.8''
XL 33'' 50.3''
XXL 33.9'' 52''
XXXL 34.6'' 53.5''

Women's Baseball Jersey Size Chart

Size Length Chest
S 26.4'' 36.2''
M 27.2'' 39.4''
L 28'' 42.5''
XL 28.7'' 45.7''
XXL 29.5'' 48''

Mens' Football Jersey Size Chart

Size Length Chest
S 30.7'' 45.6''
M 31.5'' 47.2''
L 32.3'' 48.8''
XL 33'' 50.3''
XXL 33.9'' 52''
XXXL 34.6'' 53.5''

Youth Football Jersey Size Chart

Size Length Chest
S 23'' 33''
M 25'' 36''
L 27'' 39.5''
XL 29'' 42.5''

Mens' Hockey Jersey Size Chart

Size Back Length Chest Sleeve Length
S 29.9'' 48'' 35.8''
M 30.7'' 48.8'' 36.2''
L 31.5'' 50'' 36.6''
XL 32.2'' 51.1'' 37.4''
XXL 33.2'' 52.7'' 38.1''
XXXL 34.2'' 53.9'' 39.3''
4XL 35.2'' 54.1'' 40.6''
5XL 36.2'' 55.5'' 41.8''

Youth Hockey Jersey Size Chart

Size Back Length Chest Sleeve Length
S 26.4'' 39.5'' 17.1''
M 28'' 41.8'' 19.3''
L 29.6'' 44.1'' 21.5''

Final Words

While playing, the fitting of your jersey plays a key role, whether it is by providing you comfort or by giving you that boost of confidence!  Hence it is necessary to get the correct jersey for yourself. Even if you don't play and are only there for your favorite player, you need to put forth the best version of yourself, which becomes easier with your right-sized jersey!


Follow this comprehensive guide to select the fitting jersey for yourself. After all, a jersey is an essential part of any sport, be it for players or their fans!

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