Hockey Socks Size Chart: Find the Perfect Fit for Your Game

April 12, 2024 1 min read

We provide hockey socks for all ages, from toddlers to youth and adults. Here is the size chart for our hockey socks, and we will provide the recommended size based on your age/height.

Hockey Socks Size Chart in Inch
hockey socks size chart in inch
Hockey Socks Size Chart in CM
hockey socks size chart in cm

Recommendation size based on your age/height

  • Children aged 2-5 are suitable for XXS-18 inch hockey socks (height: 2.9' - 3.7', 90-112 cm).
  • Children/Youth aged 5-16 are suitable for XS-19 to M-25 inch hockey socks (height: 3.7' - 5.7', 112-174 cm).
  • Adults are suitable for M-25 to XL-29 inch hockey socks (height: 5.1'+, 155 cm +).

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