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Mighty Ducks Jersey Buying Guide

August 07, 2023 4 min read

mighty ducks jersey buying guide

Mighty Ducks Jersey Styles

Mighty Ducks is a classic hockey movie. We will introduce the jerseys in the Mighty Ducks movie D1-D3 in this blog. You can find your favorite player and style. Additionally, we also offer custom services for Mighty Ducks jerseys, catering to both teams and individuals.


Green Mighty Ducks Jersey


This is the first jersey the Mighty Ducks wore after their establishment. This Mighty Ducks Jersey features green as its primary color, with accents of yellow, purple, and black. The logo of Mighty Ducks is on the chest of the jersey. A funny duck is playing hockey, and on the duck's chest, there is the D-5 logo. The Mighty Ducks Original Team Name is D-5, so the jersey retains this design element. Below the duck logo, there is the word "DUCKS" in yellow. Charlie Conway is the capital of the Mighty Ducks. And Charlie Conway jersey is the bestseller.


White Mighty Ducks Jersey


This white Mighty Ducks Jersey is the second-generation uniform of the Ducks team. This jersey made its appearance in the latter half of the game against Team Iceland. It features a new logo, showcasing a duck-shaped hockey mask with crossed hockey sticks in the background. Compared to the previous funny-style logo, the New Ducks Logo looks like a tough guy. The jersey primarily uses white as the primary color, with accents of teal, brown, and gray. The Ducks logo and player numbers are embroidered on the sleeves. The design of the jersey is trendy.


Gordon Bombay Minnesota Waves Jersey

Gordon Bombay Minnesota Waves Jersey

Coach Gordon Bombay wears Minnesota Waves jersey in the movie "The Mighty Ducks D2". He quit his job as a lawyer to become a professional ice hockey player. He played for a team called "Minnehaha Waves" and was a key player in the team.

This jersey features a predominantly blue color. Prominently displayed on the chest is a coffee-colored letter "M", representing "Minnehaha". Additionally, the letter "C" on the upper left chest, symbolizes the team captain. The sleeves, shoulders, and hem of the jersey are adorned with white and coffee-colored stripes.


Mighty Ducks USA Jersey

mighty ducks usa jersey

Just like most Team USA uniforms, Mighty Ducks USA jersey features red and blue as its primary colors. There is a red USA logo on the chest, with player numbers located below the logo and on the right shoulder. On the left sleeve, there is the Hendrix sponsor logo. The entire jersey is also adorned with white stars. The Mighty Ducks players highly favor it.


Mighty Ducks Iceland Jersey

mighty ducks iceland jersey

The Team Iceland hockey jersey is primarily navy blue. The logo on the jersey features the head of a Viking warrior. Unfortunately, we do not have this jersey in stock. If you wish to order, we will ship it 2-4 weeks after your purchase. By default, the player on the jersey is Team Iceland's captain, Gunnar Stahl. If you need to customize a different name or number, please leave us a message in the order note.


Mighty Ducks Jersey Players and Numbers





Charlie Conway


Joshua Jackson

Adam Banks


Vincent Larusso

Greg Goldberg


Shaun Weiss

Dean Portman


Aaron Lohr

Fulton Reed


Elden Henson

Guy Germaine


Garette Ratliff Henson

Terry Hall


Jussie Smollett

Tommy Duncan


Danny Tamberelli

Lester Averman


Matt Doherty

Tammy Duncan


Jane Plank

Julie “the Cat” Gaffney


Colombe Jacobsen

Dwayne Robertson


Ty O’Neal

Jesse Hall


Brandon Adams

Dave Karp


Aaron Schwartz

Ken Wu


Justin Wong

Connie Moreau


Marguerite Moreau

Luis Mendoza


Mike Vitar

Peter Mark


J.D. Daniels

Russ Tyler


Kenan Thompson


Customized Mighty Ducks Jersey

custom mighty ducks jersey

We also offer customized mighty ducks jerseys if you want the jersey with your name and number. The jersey also features an embroidery logo and tackle twill. The fabric and quality are the same as stock jerseys. And the production cycle is around 2-4 weeks.


Custom Field Includes

  • Name on the Back
  • The number on the back and sleeve
  • C or A (For Captain or Alternate) on the left chest

If you order the jersey for the team, we also provide a team discount.

10% off code for orders above 10 pieces - CUS10

20% off code for orders above 20 pieces - CUS20


Youth Mighty Ducks Jersey

youth mighty ducks jersey

As a youth-oriented drama film, the Mighty Ducks Jersey is also very popular among teenagers. So, we also provide Youth Mighty Ducks Jerseys as follows. Sizes range from Youth S to Youth L.

#96 Conway Green

#66 Bombay Green

#99 Banks Green

#33 Goldberg Green

#96 Conway White

#99 Banks White

If you want another player's name and number, you can customize it through our Custom Youth Mighty Ducks Jersey service. Customization typically takes around 2-4 weeks. Custom jerseys also have the same embroidered logo and tackle twill as our in-stock jerseys.

Hockey Socks match Mighty Ducks Jersey

mighty ducks hockey socks

In addition to hockey jerseys, we also offer Mighty Ducks hockey socks. There are two colors available: green and white. These hockey socks differ from knitted ones as they feature a printed design on knitted fabric. The hockey socks come with Velcro straps, ensuring a secure fit.


Don't worry about the printed fading or peeling off; we use sublimation print, that guarantees colorfastness while maintaining breathability. The socks are available in sizes ranging from XS to XL,  XS-S sizes suitable for youth players.

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