March 01, 2020 3 min read

Before you buy the face mask for coronavirus, you may ask what kind of face mask for coronavirus?

My answer is N95 face mask is the best.

n95 face mask

But as you know, the N95 face mask is expensive and only can use for 4 hours. Unless you need to contact the infected directly, there is no necessity to wear an N95 face mask. And if you wear an N95 mask for a long time, it may damage the lungs or cause suffocation.

So, if you are in public place or don't contact infected directly, Surgical Face Mask is enough. But if you need to contact infected, wear an N95, please. 

We have generated an infographic about how to choose the face mask for your reference.

Best Face Mask for Coronavirus guide


And here are some topics you may interest in.

  1. What does N95 mean?
  2. N90 and N95 mask comparison
  3. Will the mask will protect you from the coronavirus?
  4. What is the coronavirus mortality rate?
  5. Any drugs for Coronavirus?
  6. Face Mask Usage and Replace
  7. Face Mask Storage
  8. Face mask wash and Disinfection

What does N95 mean?

N for Not resistant to oil. Used when oil particulates are not present.

95 represents it can filter 95% the particles in the air.

N90 and N95 mask comparison

N95 means it can filter 95% the particles in the air. So, N90 is 90%. If you don't have N95 mask, N90 mask is plan B.

Will the mask will protect you from the coronavirus?

YES! The main route of transmission of the virus is droplets in the air. Masks will filter parts of them. So, it will reduce the possibility of infection.

Don't trust some media said the mask is useless. Have you seen any nurse or doctor doesn't wear mask during surgery? Those writers are irresponsible. Maybe they have prepared enough masks for themselves.

Although the mask doesn't ensure you will not be infected, at least it improved your protection level. So, prepare masks for yourself. Masks are cheaper than hospital bills. 

What is the coronavirus mortality rate?

The coronavirus mortality rate is around 3%. Coronavirus can cause complications like diabetes, coronary heart disease and so on.

Any drugs for Coronavirus?

Currently No. Most of the drugs for coronavirus is to relieve symptoms.

Face Mask Usage and Replace

  1. Medical standard masks have a useful life, and the masks are for exclusive use and cannot be cross-practical.
  2. After High-risk person token off the protective devices, if the person reenters, then it needs to be replaced.
  3. If masks are contaminated by the blood, respiratory tract, nasal secretions, and other body fluids of infected people, then it needs to be replaced.
  4. Higher-risk person needs to be replaced after receiving a suspected infection.
  5. Wash your hands before wearing a mask and try to avoid touching the inside of the mask.
  6. When the face masks contaminated, deformed or damaged, then it needs to be replaced. 

Face Mask Storage

  1. The mask can be stored in a dry and ventilated place, or it can be put in a clean and breathable pocket
  2. Masks need to be stored separately and labeled for the user.

Face Mask Wash and Disinfection

  1. Medical masks are not washable, do not use disinfectants or disinfected by heating
  2. Cotton masks can be disinfected and washed


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